Fishman Holdings manages a private equity fund consisting of its own equity plus private investors recruited via three main strategies:

Turnaround in existing companies

investment in companies with good potential and high quality human capital that are experiencing management and financial difficulties, and acquiring controlling interest in order to turn them around. Joining forces with the company's founders, who believe in the idea, and leveraging it through cash flow assistance, infrastructure improvement and organizational development, leading to greater efficiency and prosperity. In the base of this activity there is a long term management strategy.

Investment in people and their ideas

investment in people with a feasible business idea and high potential, and leading them to fulfillment of the dream. The Group sets up a subsidiary with the inventor and turns it into a working company. The new company benefits from the Group's infrastructures, is usually located in its offices and utilizes the professional environment of all the Group's divisions (management, finance, marketing, business contacts, human resources, logistics, communications and maintenance). In this way, the company is quickly established while the entrepreneurs can devote themselves to making their idea a reality and penetrating the market.

Real estate entrepreneurship

Fishman Holdings Group specializes in ventures and raising capital for real estate projects in Israel and worldwide, combined transactions and business real estate (commercial/ industrial). This focus has allowed the Group to become thoroughly familiar with an area that has unique features, reducing risks and recruiting investment exclusively for projects that in the opinion of the Investments Committee are high quality and feasible.

Fishman Holdings is a holding group that invests in companies in the fields of technological innovation, Internet, logistics, finance and services. The Group's privately managed Fund invests in both long-standing and new companies and business ventures. The Group takes a

long term view in its investments, and adapts its portfolio to the needs for growth, management empowerment and business fulfillment. The Group has been operating since 1997 under the ownership of businessman Amir Fishman.

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