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ADO Technologies

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The most trusted, efficient and cost-effective identification management solution.

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ADO Technologies is a leading solution provider of intuitive, accurate and secure biometric platform for various ID management applications. B-Trust1 is a rugged android biometric hand-held device, specifically designed to verify identity and check ID documents on the field.

Our expertise

ADO focused on the development, delivery, and deployment of biometric, identity management, and authentication platform. The identity management solution, using high-end biometric technology based on fingerprint, face, voice and iris identification, provides the end-user with a comprehensive solution that is accurate, easy to use and convenient.

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Fishman Holdings is a holding group that invests in companies in the fields of technological innovation, Internet, logistics, finance and services. The Group's privately managed Fund invests in both long-standing and new companies and business ventures. The Group takes a

long term view in its investments, and adapts its portfolio to the needs for growth, management empowerment and business fulfillment. The Group has been operating since 1997 under the ownership of businessman Amir Fishman.

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